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We are a group of leaders,business authorities,innovators,bankers and financial experts holding more than 10 years of experience and knowledge in financial global market research and technology.Our belief is to empower financial freedom with a strong agenda to bring in a change to the society living and technology at vast.Our coalition unites influencers of all political, religious,and geographical backgrounds to further expand the community towards prosperity and betterment of mankind and animals as a whole.

We are proud to announce a new name in technology and innovation that is all set to bring a massive change in the history of evolution impacting our civilization and tradition since centuries.Our objective is to innovate and revolutionize the technology empowering global community to serve humanity and wildlife at large.This community shall enlighten a global workforce that is concerned with the health, safety and psychological wellness of animals and nature.It may be an animal rescue group which helps individual animals in distress or may be many animals of a kind suffering from some epidemic.We realize that everyday millions of animals are being slaughtered for commercial and goods purpose if this keeps on happening this might result in extinction of animal species and mankind.

Mapplegreen Coin has been launched with an objective to support animals and wildlife preservation and stop them from extinction causing environmental damage to our nature that has been contributing to global warming at an alarming rate.MGR coin shall be used as a technology that shall bring in advanced method of payment mode accepted globally by big multi national companies and corporate sectors merchandised to use the coin as a payment mode for all commercial and economical goods and services.


Lets go green and use Renewable energies in our daily life so we can fight global warming and improve climatic condition which is being impacted in vast

Preservation of Animals and Wildlife encourge support for all NGO working for betterment of animal welfare and wildlife SOLUTION

Hydroelectric can play a leading role as "one of the most environmentally friendly ways to generate power"

Mapple to bring in the technology that would reduce carbondioxide emmission in mining machines and lower the difficulty level for safe and smooth btc and altcoin mining

Inovation of flying machines and robots that shall give a new name to technology in the history ever

An appeal to the governing authority for implemetation of new laws and regulations globally to fight injustice towards animal slaughtering and cutting down trees and forest saving them from extinction.

Solar Power and hybrid technology designed innovation that can be used in a favorable condition for mining bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to reduce CO2 produced by mining machines.

As for concerns about global warming, the science behind them is rather dubious. Even so, those concerns would pretty much disappear if the greenies would embrace the latest, and extremely safe, technology for nuclear energy. It's a near endless supply of clean electricity that produces no CO2. So the supposed "threat" of global warming could end, while the rest of us could keep our civilization. Win-win!

Our Team

Aliyah Huang
Trainee Engineer
Izabelle Gillespie
Software Engineer
Tanisha Adkins
Programmer Analyst

Kerrie Leigh
Senior Software Engineer
Arabella Knowles (Bel)
System Analyst
Kennedy Higgins
Project Lead
Katrina Lugo (Cattee)
Project Manager
Kelly Melia
Program Manager

Myles Douglas
Account Manager
Tim Alfaro
Technical Specialist
Cyrus Warner
Delivery Head
Saliha Mustafa
Business Analyst
Hamida Abdi

Maha Hussain
Faouzi Lambert
Ines Thomas
Khaled Sylvester
Rahal Daniel (Dan)
Business Intelligence

Rayan Dennis (Dion)
Omar Olivier
Fadel Jacobs
Karim Adam
Varun kalra
Public Relation (pr)

Damien Deacon
Technical Account Manager
Stella Giles
Security Specialist
Anton Matthams
QA (Quality Assurance) SPECIALIST
Todd Hamilton
Frameworks Specialist
Olly Greig
Business System Analyst

Kofi Barrera
System Engineer
Charlie Fleming
Database Administrator

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